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State-of-the-Art Printing, Design & Production Services

Parsons Fine Art Services' Custom Archival Fine Art Printing conforms to archival standards consistent with collectible fine art.   All materials & substrates used in our Custom Archival Fine Art Printing process are of archival quality and produced by reputable manufacturers. We helped develop many of the products now on the market.


Exclusive Heritage Giclee® Printmaking

We were the first giclee printmaking atelier in the country to produce all giclees exclusively with a pigment-based archival ink system. Using our experience with archival products, our process combines the widest color range with the longest estimated life expectancy in the industry, hence the word "Heritage" in our Giclee logo.

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Wide-format Fine Art Digital Capture

Preferred by Museums, the TTI Digital Reprographics Workstation with Phase One's FX+  scanning back was the system of choice by U.S Library of Congress to produce their archives. Staples Fine Art owns one of the few of these systems installed in the United States. 

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Canvas Stretching and Custom Finishing

The Heritage Giclee Studio offers a wide range of finishing options for your completed work.

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Art Project Consulting & Solutions

Consumers now have an overwhelming number of choices. In order not to get lost in the shuffle, visual artists, craftsmen, and all others in the supply chain must constantly strive to improve the quality of their products, processes, brand identity and marketing strategies if they wish to win the hearts of customers. An understanding of the market is critical to success in any sector of the art business. You must identify a demand and work backward to build your business.



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Heritage Giclee

Our original Heritage Giclees have been recognized around the world for their peerless quality and beauty. In business since 1996 (formerly Staples Fine Art), Parsons Fine Art Services has developed a reputation for integrity & honesty in the industry & now serves artists, galleries, publishers & photographers in every U.S state and in 15 countries. Heritage Giclee® is a registered trademark of Staples Fine Art, Inc..


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Scanning Original Art up to 64" x 44"

In order to produce a stunning reproduction, you must start with a superior scan of the original. While film scans can often provide good results, there is no substitute for a digital print produced directly from the original. Our TTI digital scanning camera, designed especially with digital fine art and photographic reproduction in mind, is the most advanced digital capture system in the world. With scanning resolutions up to an amazing 10,500 x 12,600 pixels, the equipment consists of a totally integrated system of state-of-the- art illumination, electronics, optics, precision electro-mechanical drives, and specialized ICC based software.


Scanning imagery for Corporations, Manufacturers, Artists and Galleries. Here are some examples...

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Canvas Stretching

Standard (1 1/2" x 5/8" bars edge-stapled)                                              $1.00 per united inch *

Standard (1 1/2" x 5/8" bars rear-stapled)                                               $1.50 per united inch *

Museum or Gallery Wrap (1 1/4" x 1 1/2" bars rear-stapled)            $1.50 per united inch *

"United inch" means "length plus width". For example: A 16" x 20" print, standard stretch would equal 36" times $1.00 or $36
*Gallery wrap means the image wraps around the sides of the stretcher. 
*Museum wrap means that a solid color wraps around the sides of the stretcher.

Digital images to cd                                             $10 1st image/ $5 each additional image per CD

Portfolio Proofs                                                     Call for Quote

Photo Retouching                                                 $40 per quarter hour

Proof on additional substrate                           $35 per substrate